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The U.S. Geological Survey river gauge near Ferndale is the only real-time flow gauge on the Stonycreek River that can be monitored remotely, providing a continuous measurement of water flow in feet (height) and discharge (cubic feet per second). Other data available include daily, monthly and annual water-flow statistics, peak streamflow and water quality measurements for certain time periods. Boaters use this gauge not only to determine conditions on the Stonycreek but on tributaries as well – often in conjunction with rainfall data (see below).

USGS River Gauge at Ferndale

Rainfall gauges in Somerset County also provide valuable real-time information on whether streams are boatable within The Stonycreek river basin. The general rule of thumb is that streams within the watersheds measured by each gauge are boatable when there has been at least two inches of rain within a 24-hour period during the summer and at least one inch within 24 hours during the spring, fall and winter. Rainfall gauges correspond with streams as follows:

Gauge Stream


Pot Ridge

Upper Stony
Middle Stony
Clear Shade
Dark Shade
Roaring Fork
Paint Creek

All gauges can be used to determine boating conditions within the Stonycreek Canyon.

Somerset County Rain Gauges

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