Combine the physical exercise of hiking, the mental exercise of a scavenger hunt and the technical challenge of using a GPS unit and you have geocaching. This is a great way to experience The Stonycreek Corridor and there are dozens of caches here.

To learn more about caches that exist, go to and either register or log in. Specific information and coordinates for caches within The Stonycreek can be found HERE.

You must register with the website (it's free) to obtain location information. The caches are rated based on the "Terrain" you must navigate and the relative "Difficulty" involved in finding the actual hiding place. The containers typically vary in size from 35 mm film canisters to ammunition canisters. Below are a couple of sample sites to give you a taste of geocaching within The Stonycreek.

McNally Bridge, at 1,388 feet in length and 192 feet in height, is one of the most prominent manmade landmarks in The Stonycreek Corridor. It also is the name of a two-part cache that not only offers nice views of the bridge but also the scenic Paint Creek valley. The difficulty of this cache is rated 2 stars out of 5 and the terrain is rated 3.
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Quemahoning Lake series features four caches hidden around the lake. Each cache provides clues to the next one in succession and eventually lead to the fourth. The link to the first cache will get you started - then you are on your own! The difficulty of this first cache is only 1 star out of 5. The terrain is rated at 2 stars.
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